1,521 Flats Sold Under HDB’s Open Booking Scheme

A total of 1,521 public housing have been sold under the available booking scheme ever since its kick off during 06/19, announced MND KH Tan during Parliament on 2nd March.

Tan was addressing MP TP Gan who inquired about the amount of Housing and Development Board public housing transacted in the available booking scheme ever since its kick off.

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The open reservation scheme supports house hunters “to obtain a flat on the web, and also get their public home choice session on a first-come-first-served grounds, in which may possibly be as early as the next working day”.

Tan declared a total of Forty-six 2 room Flexi public housing, 273 3 room flats, 6hundred 1 4 room public housing, 5hundred 97 5 room/ 3Gen flats, and also four Executive public housing have gotten scheduled since 22 Feb 2021 from the available booking process.

Gan also questioned whether Housing and Development Board might consider injecting an additional number of public housing extra often also boost the amount of flats in the market within the program.

Regarding this, Tan mentioned that Housing and Development Board, at present, “postpones available booking two times a yr to insert a fresh inventory of flats. The greater part of public housing offered under the available booking arised from the group of public housing which remain unchosen on the two times yearly SBF routines”.

Tan included that Housing and Development Board has definitely been looking at tactics to put forward a bit more public housing by means of open choosing.

HDB, for instance, has actually halted the ROF activities since February2020 to ensure that further left out flats coming from the SBF routines can be provided instantly by means of open choosing, Tan claimed.

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